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The collaborative

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A future-focused, insights driven, learning network for senior supply chain leaders and their teams.

Shaping supply chain transformation today – developing supply chain strategies for the future.

Leverage the power of actionable insights and collaborative connections to transform your supply chain.

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Featuring leading global practitioners and industry experts from supply chain and beyond, FIN events offer collaborative live panels, inspirational talks, and networking

The video streaming and events platform for Supply Chain learning, development and transformation

The Supply Chain Transformation Podcast bringing brings unfiltered opinions, experiences, and advice

Featured Events


The Helicon, London
May 22 | 2024




Berlin, Germany
November 11 – 13 2024  



April 24th, 2023
FREE - In-Person event, London, TBA


23-24 May, 2023
FREE - IN-PERSON, Prague, Czechia

Transform Fest '23

April 12th - May 3rd, 2023
Online Training

Supply Chain Digitization and Resiliency
Led by David Simchi-Levi, Professor of Engineering Systems, MIT

TBC, 2023
Online Training

Supply & Demand Analytics
Led by David Simchi-Levi, Professor of Engineering Systems, MIT

Our Products


Featuring leading global practitioners and industry experts from supply chain and beyond, our Annual Summits combine collaborative live panels, inspirational talks and live debates in one must-attend event.


The world’s largest video library for supply chain professionals hosting over 500 original video case studies, exclusive content and weekly live webinars for benchmarking and learning.

Transform Talks

Our podcast brings unfiltered opinions, experiences, and advice to the global supply chain community through refreshingly down-to-earth conversations with supply chain’s biggest and brightest.


Exploring the Gen Z/Supply Chain Disconnect from a Gen Z Perspective
A blog written from the Gen Z perspective of how supply chain leaders should be approaching the recruitment crisis. With an ageing generation of workers, why are we struggling to attract the next generation of supply chain workers? New approaches are needed, now more than ever, and this blog explores exactly what needs to be done.
Transform Talks #150 with Felix Vicknair of Kenco Group
This milestone episode of Transform Talks features Felix Vicknair, Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions at Kenco Group joins host Maria Villablanca. The pair discuss how digital transformation or automation can turn up the speed for companies. Felix shares his ideal team for executing digital transformation projects, and his real-time examples of applying advanced analytics with forecasting.
Developing Cultures & Pursuing Long Term Goals Whilst Navigating Crisis
The colossal task of redesigning business processes to achieve long term sustainability and business transformation is daunting, especially in a heavily disrupted business landscape. Leaders must ensure that all team members within an organization play their part in supporting a business’ sustainable transformation, and that working cultures are put at the forefront of that change.
Deep transformation with Smart Supply Chain Digitization
David Simchi-Levi, Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT, and head of MIT Fata Science Lab, talks us through examples of retail, CPG, and High-Tech companies that transform their business by focusing on a unified, single view of demand; supply chain segmentation; and effective execution, all of which are powered by Digitization, Analytics and Automation.
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Supply Chain universe

Tapping into our Coalition and industry partners, the FIN Content Framework guides our content to support supply chain leaders and their teams in their learning and development journey.

guiding our content...

The FIN Supply Chain Framework is our north star that guides the creation of everything we do. Carefully developed to ensure the inclusion of all supply chain challenges and components, so we can provide value and address your burning issues, touching on every point in the supply chain ecosystem. 


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