Our Supply Chain Partners.

The drivers behind supply chain collaboration.

Our Partners are forward-thinking, industry-leading solution and service providers who drive the supply chain profession forward. 

These are the top players in their respective fields within the supply chain sector. They have a strong reputation for excellence and are at the forefront of developing new solutions and services.

What Our clients think

“Leaving aside the exemplary levels of professionalism of the team and the incredible network of senior supply chain leaders that FIN connects your business to, the thing that has impressed us most about working with FIN was the quality and integrity of the events. Maria and the team provide cutting edge and visionary thought leadership on the art of the possible and provide insights on how supply chains and technology need to evolve and transform to future business challenges.”
Co-Founder and Head of Supply Chain Innovation - Orchestrated Intelligence

Why Partner with us

Reach a Targeted Audience

Reach a high-level, targeted audience: Connect with senior supply chain decision-makers from leading global brands like Henkel, Coca-Cola, HP, and Amazon.

Forge Strategic Partnerships

Forge strategic partnerships: Build meaningful relationships with potential clients, collaborators, and investors who share your vision for industry advancement.

Enhance Your Brand Visibility

Enhance your brand visibility and thought leadership: Gain access to prestigious speaking opportunities at our high-profile events, podcasts, and webinars.

Our services

Content Syndication

We bring actionable insights to life with original content in the form of video case studies, live panel discussions, whitepapers and more. In the age of digital fatigue, our content speaks directly to practitioners, who are eager for answers to their burning questions from industry leaders  with practical and actionable solutions.

Annual industry events

Through our exclusive selection of annual industry events, we source the most influential figures in the industry to debate the  issues facing supply chains today, creating a dialogue dedicated to driving the industry forward. Our sponsors receive unparalleled positioning as industry thought-leaders and partners driving solutions to the problems plaguing our elite leaders and their teams.

Exclusive Networking

We offer a select group of partners limited access to our senior executive network. These networking opportunities are closed door, invitation-only, for supply chain leadership to drive valuable connections with supply chain innovators and pioneers.


 Our carefully curated Strategy Days offer a single partner an opportunity to create a brand with us and gain privileged access to the upper echelon of supply chain management. Our strategy days cultivate a unique environment that is centred around dialogue and debate to create an action plan for real change.

Bespoke offerings

Each of our partners has a unique voice and story, with different goals in mind. We provide tailored and customised services that combine elements of our varied products and services to  create a unique package, creating opportunities for valuable industry connections at the highest levels.

Get IN Touch

Whether you are an existing customer looking for support with future opportunities, or completely new to us and interested in what we offer, then please get in touch. To find out more, reach out to our FIN team.

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