#156 – Challenging the assumptions of 3D printing with Len Pannett

Our guest this week is Supply Chain and Operations Transformation Expert, Len Pannett. 

Len is an award-winning expert with over 25 years’ experience in the supply chain. Throughout his career Len has helped countless management teams to define and overcome their most challenging supply chain and operational challenges. Len is particularly fascinated by the implications of 3D printing and has in fact even written a book on the subject (see link below). 

 On this week’s episode Len and I discuss: 

  • The pressures that supply chain is going through 
  • Whether 3D printing is misunderstood
  • How the current mindset may be limiting additive manufacturing 
  • What state the supply chain finds itself in right now
  • How you go about setting up your business for 3D printing 

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↓ Len Pannett ↓

Len Pannett | LinkedIn

Supercharg3d : The Impact of 3D Printing on Your Supply Chain

↓ Check out Len’s Book ↓


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